2020 Metcalfe Fair to be held in a ‘re-imagined’ non-traditional way

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METCALFE – The 164th edition of the Metcalfe Fair will take place in 2020 but it may not be the agricultural celebration that exhibitors and fair-goers are used to. 

The Metcalfe Fair has always been a weekend to showcase the local rural and agricultural community. It is a time to commemorate and renew friendships and for family members to come back home for a visit as they watch livestock shows; see the culinary exhibits, crafts and quilting; enjoy the thrill of the demo derby and truck pull and sample fair food.

“We are going to have a fair from October 1 – 4, but it will not be the fair people are used to,” said Agnes Lee, Metcalfe Agricultural Society President. “Instead, the Board is currently developing re-imagined fair events, all while adhering to guidelines and restrictions of both public health and governmental bodies.”

The health and safety of fair-goers, sponsors, donors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and employees is of paramount importance. Like many other festivals, businesses and government agencies, the Metcalfe Fair Board is giving careful and thoughtful consideration to this year’s event and continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Staff and volunteers are in regular contact with partners, agency authorities and are prepared to respond to recommendations.

“COVID-19 will not drive an end to the Metcalfe Fair,” noted First Vice-President, Andrea Taylor. “It will drive a change for the 2020 Fair. What we do know is we are embracing this opportunity to put all our creative energy into remaining true to our agriculture roots while modernizing events we will host.”

Organizers are looking into ways of pivoting the 2020 Fair to bring entertainment, activities and shows to the community under the Metcalfe Fair umbrella. 

“We are going to make sure we are in compliance and harmony with the direction by health officials and government,” Taylor said, “but there are a lot of great examples where entertainers are going viral with live performances that we are.”

Watch for information regarding these events on their website and social media pages in the days and weeks ahead.

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