GFL Environmental helps ease COVID-19’s Canada Day impact in Moose Creek

North Stormont Councillor Roxane Villeneuve (left) and Moose Creek Recreational Association Treasurer Lorena Sollows receive GFL's contribution. Courtesy photo

MOOSE CREEK — The village nearest GFL Environmental’s local landfill, Moose Creek, had the good fortune to host COVID-19-compliant fireworks on Canada Day with the help of the modern waste-handling corporation.

GFL Environmental contributed $2,000 to the July 1st fireworks show, allowing the community to buck the trend of having no formal observances of Canada’s birthday because of the pandemic. Instead, Moose Creek residents enjoyed the spectacle of fireworks visible from any vantage point in their community, allowing them to stay in their individual back yards and respect physical distancing while looking to the sky. The region was still in Stage Two of the province’s pandemic response at the time. The show was also live-streamed on Facebook.

“We couldn’t do it without the generosity of donations from our community,” said Moose Creek Recreational Association treasurer Lorena Sollows, singling out GFL’s large donation in particular

Garbage has been good to Moose Creek and the Township of North Stormont. Hosting GFL’s landfill site annually bolsters township coffers by hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the municipality getting a piece of the action on every tonne received at the facility, under an agreement with the company. GFL is also pursuing plans to expand the landfill.

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