Home under construction burned out in Hanesville

Courtesy photo by Leoh Droppo

HANESVILLE — Fire destroyed a vacant house under construction in this South Dundas community last night.

Surrounding neighbours called 9-1-1 after noticing the fire at the chipboard-clad structure between 10:15 and 10:30 p.m.

A neighbour living directly across the street from the place, “confirmed to me that no one was in the house after I called out to make sure no one was in the home trying to escape,” Leoh Droppo wrote in an email to NVN.

“It honestly was a big tragedy considering that the gentleman [owner] has been building his dream home for years only to have it go up in smoke. It has saddened the entire community who were looking forward to having such a hard worker move into the area,” Droppo wrote.

Courtesy photo by Leoh Droppo

Police arrived first on scene to block traffic from the scene, according to Droppo. An Iroquois-based fire truck arrived next, soon followed by tankers and fire services from around the area to help staunch the blaze. “Toxic clouds billowed once services began to extinguish the flames causing neighbours close-up their windows to prevent smoke damage. Everyone was relieved to have had some rain this week which helped prevent fields and the forested area near the burning house from catching as well.”

Sandra Dodge, who lives across from the scene with her husband, William, said the owner had been building the home for the last two years.




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