SDG Counties and Cornwall residents to receive ‘staycation’ ideas for the area

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CORNWALL — Homes in Cornwall and the United Counties of SDG will receive copies of ‘staycation’ guides to help round out their 2020 holiday plans enjoying some of the amenities in and around the region. 

The partnership was initiated in part by Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry MP Eric Duncan, whose office is mailing a copy of both the Cornwall Staycation Guide, and SDG’s Discover Guide, to homes in the riding. 

“The coronavirus pandemic means many of us are choosing to spend some time getting reacquainted with some of the fantastic tourist destinations and visitor amenities right here,” said Duncan. “These guides can be used for the balance of 2020 to help families and others plan activities closer to home.” 

An army of municipal staff and volunteers spent several days packing more than 46,000 envelopes with the guides and a message from Duncan. 

“Our guides were created earlier this year before the pandemic and represent a significant investment by residents and businesses in the United Counties,” said SDG tourism coordinator Karina Belanger. “As the province slowly and prudently reopened different economic sectors this summer, it was felt that distributing these guides locally would be of great importance to businesses who rely on tourism dollars.” 

Kevin Lajoie, the City of Cornwall’s tourism coordinator, said the staycation guides offer information that can be used this summer and beyond. 

“Most of the amenities and destinations in our region are available into the fall and in some cases the early winter. These guides can be used by our residents to plan weekends or after-school jaunts even after summer has concluded,” he said.

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