Local partnership leads to vibrant waterfront development plan

Above, South Stormont Community Hall. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH STORMONT — St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) is excited to announce its partnership with the Township of South Stormont as the visionary new waterfront development plan is now one step closer to reality. It will provide greater waterfront access to the local community, boost quality of life for the residents of South Stormont and further enhance the economic impact across the region.

The SLPC has been pleased with the conceptual plans and vision brought forth by the Township and leveraging the expertise of Sierra Planning and Management as well as the MBTW Group.

Through joint planning and discussion, the Township has collaborated extensively with residents, stakeholders, consultants and the community through public engagement initiatives, virtual presentations and feedback survey to reach this crucial milestone for a mutually beneficial waterfront partnership.

The opportunity to develop the waterfront includes five key locations owned by the SLPC: Long Sault Waterfront, Ingleside Waterfront, County Road 2 linear opportunity, Hoople Bay and Lakeview Park.

SLPC looks forward to this long-term commitment and working relationship. This development will be a supportive complement to the surrounding area but also allows the SLPC to give back to the local residents of the Seaway Valley to enjoy this area once again.

SLPC Chair, Bob Runciman, described the partnership as a “major step” towards seeing the concept plan become a reality. “The SLPC Board and staff are committed to ongoing cooperation with the Township in a joint effort to revitalize the waterfront and increase access, all benefitting the local economy, residents and visitors,” Runciman said.

“We’re thrilled with the response received from the Board of Directors of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission regarding our proposed Waterfront Development Plan. We’re confident that this will strengthen the relationship between the Parks Commission and the Township and will result in tangible recreation improvements for our residents.” – Mayor Bryan McGillis, Township of South Stormont.

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