Low-water status terminated in lower South Nation River area and eased elsewhere

The South Nation River, as seen July 17, 2020, looking northeast from County Rd. 9, between Chesterville and Berwick. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

FINCH — The South Nation Conservation (SNC) Water Response Team has terminated the Level I (minor) low-water status that was in effect for the lower South Nation River, Bear Brook, and Castor River subwatersheds, while the upper South Nation River area has improved from Level II (moderate) to Level I.

Most watercourses and stream flows are replenished and back to normal within the first three subwatershed regions, says SNC, thanks to average and above-average precipitation over the past several weeks.

Meanwhile, domestic, commercial and agricultural water consumers within the upper South Nation River subwatershed can all help mitigate the impacts of the Level I situation by voluntarily reducing water consumption by 10 percent and limiting non-essential uses. Residents should also be aware of their municipality’s water conservation and fire by-laws.

Below, the subwatershed regions of the SNC watershed. The light yellow areas now have the all-clear (no more low-water situation) while the orange area has been shifted into a Level I low-water status (eased from the previous Level II).


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