Welcome back to NDDHS

by Jamie Wilson
NDDHS, Minister of Communications

School has finally started back up again after a six-and-a-half-month spring break. Students started school on either Friday the 11th, Monday the 14th, or Tuesday the 15th. The start dates were staggered by grade for high school students and by last name for intermediate students. There are many new rules we must adjust to so that all students can learn safely. Grades eat lunch in different rooms, have designated washrooms, and enter the school through different doors to limit contact among groups of students.

The daily schedule is also a huge change from last year. Secondary students now have two classes a day instead of four to minimize movement in the school. Additionally, groups of students have lunch at different times to control contact between grades and traffic in the halls.

My name is Jamie Wilson and I am the Minister of Communications for this year’s Student Council. I am excited to inform everyone in the community about the happenings at our school. Our Student Council is working hard to create a positive and fun environment despite the strange new reality of this school year, so stay tuned!

The pandemic has definitely changed life at school, but with the excellent support network of caring teachers and students there is no doubt that we can navigate these changes; we are all in this together.

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