SNC swings from golf to art for picture-perfect fundraiser

Tom Van Dusen
Nation Valley News

FINCH — For the past several years, South Nation Conservation has relied on the region’s golfers to help drive its tree-planting program along with environmental education and nature park accessibility.

However, COVID-19 scratched the 2020 fundraising golf tournament which rotates annually to different courses within SNC’s jurisdiction.  What to replace it with and hopefully bring in about $5000 towards the tree-planting cause became a major question.

During a recent online meeting, members of the South Nation Communications Committee were brought up to speed on a new, COVID-friendly initiative that staff believes will brush up the tree replenishing account, one of the agency’s most popular initiatives.

It’s the Art for Trees online auction to take place Oct. 8-29 when bids will be accepted for what organizers hope will be 10-20 original environmental-themed paintings, drawings, sketches and photographs donated by local artists.

As Communications Chief John Mesman explained, while the auction offerings will be relatively limited, the quality should be high enough to attract sizeable bids.

The event will he handled by commercial auction service  Event coordinator Taylor Campbell explained no fee will be required by the service because of the limited size of the sale; minimum bids will be in place. Donation receipts will be issued to artist donors and winning bidders, and staff will arrange safe drop-off and pick-up of artwork.

Campbell explained that financial donations to SNC programs will be accepted with no bidding necessary. The Communications Committee approved the online fundraiser.

In elaborating on art being sought, Campbell said all styles and sizes – preferably framed – are welcome; brief artist bios will be included with donated pieces on the auction webpage. He pointed out it was a great opportunity for artists to promote their names and work while helping to protect the local environment. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 28.

As for purchasers of the art and those making donations in connection with the sale, they’ll be helping to increase depleted regional forest cover by adding trees to public lands and community forests across the regional landscape.

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