Students are adjusting well at North Dundas

Student wellness to be discussed at Student Council meeting today

by Jamie Wilson
NDDHS Minister of Communications

Students at North Dundas are adjusting well to the new Covid arrangements as we reach the middle of our second week back. It is great to see our friends and our teachers in person again. Teachers are working hard to keep the lengthened classes interesting and many are making use of the outside spaces around the school while the weather allows it.

The first spirit day of the year took place last Friday, September 18. Students and teachers wore the school colours: blue and white. It was wonderful to see so much participation, and there will be many more spirit days to come.

Unfortunately, North Dundas will not be holding their annual Terry Fox Walkathon this year; however, this week, around the time the walkathon would typically take place, the student council made morning announcements to acknowledge Terry Fox’s importance to Canada and to cancer research.

Today, September 23, the Student Council is having their first meeting. One of the topics to be discussed is student wellness. September is suicide prevention month and the Student Council is using this as an opportunity to encourage positivity and ensure that students feel the school is a safe environment, starting with positive messages in the morning announcements.

We remind students, and everyone else, to keep smiling!

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