Order Krispy Kreme donuts and benefit People First Dundas County

Ashley promotes the effort of People First Dundas County.

DUNDAS COUNTY — Craving something sweet? Maybe some doughy goodness with a side of compassion? You’re in luck!

People First Dundas County is hosting a Krispy Kreme sale to raise funds to host a People First conference in the county for all chapters located in Eastern Ontario. “Meeting, networking, and learning from other members of local chapters help build our confidence, strengthens our ability to speak out, and sharpens our advocacy skills,” says the Dundas group — local chapter “for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability. We promote equality for all persons and to teach members about their rights, abilities and strengths. We are ‘Making Real Change in Peoples Lives.'”

Boxes of delicious glazed Krispy Kreme donuts are available for $12 by online pre-order from now until Oct. 9 through EventBrite. The donuts will arrive on Saturday, Oct. 24 with curbside pick-up locations in Morrisburg (link here) and Winchester (link here).

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