Local Greens to nominate candidate in October

CORNWALL — Local Green Party supporters intend to meet in October to nominate a candidate for a potential federal election — although a writ seems unlikely now as Justin Trudeau’s minority government has won the support of Jagmeet Singh’s NDP on an impending throne speech confidence vote.

In advance of picking a candidate, local Greens have selected Elaine Kennedy as Chief Executive Officer and Patrick Burger as Organizing Chair of a revamped riding association merging the federal and provincial organizations in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry. The new executive aims to “raise awareness of the Green Party’s platform, increase visibility and membership. The SDSG Greens will become a dynamic voice in our region, promoting the environmental and social values of the party.”

Kennedy touts the party as a “natural home to progressive voters who are willing to put principle over power. We are committed to environmental justice, social justice, non-violence, respect for diversity, and participatory democracy.” 

According to media reports, the NDP will prop up the Liberals on the confidence vote after extracting a deal that will hike the CERB benefit payment and temporarily extend paid sick leave to millions of Canadians. Prior to the arrangement, it had appeared the country was headed into an election this fall.

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