North Dundas is Wearing Orange Today

by Jamie Wilson
NDDHS Minister of Communications

We have successfully made it through our first few weeks of school as we enter October. Students are still adjusting to the faster paced learning but face to face interaction with teachers makes it much easier for most students at North Dundas. We hope that we can continue learning like this as long as it is safe.

Today, September 30, students at North Dundas are participating in Orange Shirt Day. Orange Shirt Day started after 6-year-old, Phyllis Webstad had her brand new orange shirt taken from her when she arrived at her residential school. The day is meant to honour the victims and survivors of residential schools, and to acknowledge the damage that these schools did to children’s self-esteem and well-being. Here at North Dundas we believe that every child matters.

As the month comes to a close, the Student Council is busy brainstorming ways to take advantage of virtual resources to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn’t take away our spirit or our favourite traditions. There are plans in the works for virtual student versus staff challenges and  many others, so stay tuned!

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