SD&G OPP mark National Seniors Day, raise awareness about elder abuse

Const. Tylor Copeland and senior Dave Brown.

SDG — The SD&G OPP marked National Seniors Day yesterday, an occasion the detachment says it was proud to support while raising awareness of the scourge of elder abuse.

All seniors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and the detachment points out that elder abuse is defined as “any action or inaction by any person which causes harm or threatens to cause harm to an older adult.”

Seniors abuse can take various forms such as physical, psychological or emotional, sexual and financial. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect. A family member, a friend, a caregiver, a staff member at a care facility or anyone upon whom the older person relies on for their basic needs or services may cause the abuse.

“If you or someone you know has been abused or is experiencing abuse,” say the SD&G OPP, “you are not alone; help is available.”

One option is the Elder Abuse Ontario Safety Line  (call 1-866-299-1011).

Also, the Community Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse for the Eastern Counties and Akwesasne is a long standing, well established, local non-profit network that encompasses a full continuum of services dedicated to the social identification, community education, and prevention of elder abuse. If you know a senior experiencing any type of abuse, if you need support, or have any questions or need further information contact the chair of The Community Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse for the Eastern Counties and Akwasasne at 613 932-3451 ext. 4244.



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