Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary trails reopen on Friday

INGLESIDE — Reemerging from a prolonged hibernation this year, the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary welcomes the public back this Friday, Oct. 9.

Highlighting the outdoor attraction’s beautiful fall colours, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission touts the popular bird sanctuary trails as the “perfect location to visit during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!”

However, the Commission says that sections of the boardwalk remain closed, as are the washrooms. Visitors are expected to practice physical distancing or wear a mask when that’s not possible. They’re also advised to bring their own hand sanitizer.

“I am certain that our community will be thrilled with this announcement,” observed South Stormont Councillor Jennifer MacIsaac of the welcome news posted on the Commission’s Facebook page today. “There is a huge need for passive recreation opportunities, and we know that other nature trails have seen a big increase in traffic throughout the pandemic. Connecting with nature, and getting some exercise is very important for one’s mental health, and I’m certain that our residents will take full advantage and enjoy these trails in their most picturesque time of year starting this weekend.”

In July, the Commission had announced the closure of the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary for the 2020 season — one of a number of sites left off the provincial agency’s phased reopening list during this unusual pandemic year.

Below: Back in 2016, Darwin the Great Horned Owl and his bird-of-prey friends put on a show during Falcon Environmental Services‘ raptor demonstrations at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary (UCMBS) annual September Nature & Wildlife Day, organized by the Friends of the Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary at the popular Parks Of The St. Lawrence venue located in the Township of South Stormont.
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