Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health says restaurants will stay OPEN when new provincial restrictions kick in this week

Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis during a Zoom media update.

EASTERN ONTARIO — Make that a ‘modified’ modified Stage 2 (or better yet, a modified Stage 3): Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis says that, unlike other regions that have retreated back into so-called modified Stage 2, new restrictions coming this week in the region will allow restaurants and other establishments to remain open.

While there will be some additional new rules for those establishments, Dr. Roumeliotis provided assurances that dine-in operations will be allowed to continue when the new measures kick in, during a Zoom call with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce this afternoon.

Below, listen to the medical officer of health’s Zoom call with the Cornwall Chamber.


In his follow-up call with the media later in the afternoon, Roumeliotis described the incoming changes as a “modified Stage 3.” While he could impose the tweak himself, under Section 22 of the province’s emergency legislation, the doctor said he has instead negotiated with the Ontario government to have the provincial cabinet make the change instead. Premier Doug Ford is likely to announce Eastern Ontario’s partial retreat from regular Stage 3 on Thursday or Friday, according to Roumeliotis.

This article was edited to include new information from the doctor about the nature of the restrictions.

See the doctor’s Oct. 21 media briefing, below.

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