Quarantine Halloween candy? 10-24 hours if plastic wrapped, suggests medical officer of health

One of the jack-o-lanterns at Pumpkinferno, Upper Canada Village.

EASTERN ONTARIO — Tonight’s trick-or-treaters don’t need to be separated from their candy for more than 24 hours — if even that much time — says Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis.

Yes, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit has recommended against trick-or-treating this year. But for those little ghosts and goblins that still hit the pavement this evening, how long should their collected treats be put in “quarantine”?

Answering NVN‘s question on the topic yesterday, Dr. Roumeliotis responded: “If anything, you can quarantine it for 24 hours, and it depends on what the material is. If it’s cloth … it’s a couple of hours. If it’s plastic, it’s probably 10 hours.

“Twenty-four hours is probably a good thing, and it’s overkill if you ask me.”

See the exchange below.
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