Vodkow Cream newest product to flow out of Almonte’s Dairy Distillery

Winchester connection

ALMONTE — Having pioneered a process that turns waste milk sugar from Winchester’s Parmalat/Lactalis cheese factory into a celebrated vodka named Vodkow, Dairy Distillery has just launched a cream liquor version of the product — and it’s lactose-free to boot!

Without added flavouring or colour, the Almonte-based distiller has blended its signature vodka with fresh Canadian cream to make ‘Vodkow Cream.’  Thanks to that key ingredient, it’s the first spirit to feature the Dairy Farmers of Canada iconic 100% Canadian milk Blue Cow logo on the bottle, in a show of support for this country’s milk producers.

“It seemed natural that alcohol made from milk would be a great match with cream, but we were blown away with the result,” says Dairy Distillery founder Omid McDonald.

“When consumers buy bottles of Vodkow Cream … they can be confident that it is made with 100%, high-quality Canadian milk, which is produced to some of the most stringent standards in the world,” said Pamela Nalewajek, Vice-President, Marketing at the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Most distilleries purchase a cream base to mix with their alcohol, but Dairy Distillery invested in the equipment and know-how to make everything that goes into Vodkow Cream, according to a company press release. This allowed the firm to ensure its dairy cream liquor is lactose-free, a first for Canada.

Less sweet than traditional cream liquors, the makers tout Vodkow Cream’s “mouthfeel and taste” that “evoke farm freshness,” with a cream colour reflecting “the simplicity of its ingredients.”

As with Vodkow, the product comes in an old-time milk bottle, drawing a “direct connection to its dairy heritage.”

Ideally served cold or over ice, Vodkow Cream also mixes well with coffee. The possibilities for cocktails or desserts are endless. Vodkow Cream retails for $29.95 for a 750ml bottle. It can be purchased directly from Dairy Distillery (www.vodkow.com) or at select LCBOs starting in mid-November.

Dairy Distillery started in 2018 after developing technology to transform a waste byproduct of cheesemaking — a lactose-rich milk permeate that’s often discarded — into “sustainable” vodka. The company says every bottle of Vodkow saves 3.7 kg of milk sugar from going down the drain.

Vodkow also ranks as Canada’s only carbon-neutral vodka, although the product may be better known for its smooth taste and the nostalgic cachet of its simple, retro packaging.


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