Illegal vehicle modifications? Russell County OPP are on the lookout

Above, Russell County OPP supplied this photo of a recent pullover.

RUSSELL — Tone down those noisy exhausts and swap out those honkin’ wide tires jutting out past the fender well: Russell County OPP say they’re on the lookout for aftermarket equipment modifications that don’t comply with the Highway Traffic Act.

Such vehicles are “subject to be stopped and the driver charged. In certain circumstances, the vehicle could be towed and the licence plates seized,” warns the detachment, citing such potential infractions as oversized tires, missing mudguard or fender flares, specialty lighting, tinted windows, loud aftermarket exhaust and plate covers.

Buyer beware: Even though “local shops will provide whatever modification you wish,” that doesn’t make those changes legal, Russell County OPP point out. Set fines are $85 with a surcharge of $25 for each offence, and it’s the responsibility of the driver or vehicle owner to ensure a car or truck meets Ontario’s legal requirements.

“If you can afford ‘big meats,’ you can afford the fender flairs to make them legal. Gotta pay to play,” observed Brian Thomas Farquhar, commenting on an NVN Facebook thread about the Russell crackdown.

But others saw the campaign as a cash grab.

“These mods are completely harmless and the only reason they crack down on them is to bring in more revenue to meet their monthly quota,” said Al Vachon, posting on the same thread.

Russell County OPP are steering those interested in the legal requirements to the provincial e-laws site.

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