North Dundas Council inks deal with Sevita International for $200K road upgrade; deputy mayor relates story of cow helped by oxygen mask at recent barn fire

Watch the proceedings of the Nov. 17 council meeting, above.

WINCHESTER — North Dundas Council has wrapped up an agreement with Sevita International for a $200,000 upgrade to a portion of Sandy Row Rd. to accommodate a major planned expansion by the specialty soybean company.

Tuesday night’s (Nov. 17) meeting also saw the local politicians apprised of recent progress in addressing longstanding issues with a couple of subdivisions that remain unfinished after more than 30 years — Forestwood Heights and Foxfire Ridge. On that last subdivision, council approved the release of a lot, held for years by the township for security, in return for $80,000 from the developer — funds the township will use to offset an estimated $90,000 in planned road and drainage improvements at Foxfire Ridge.

Deputy Mayor Al Armstrong also enthusiastically reported on a recent grant from Firehouse Subs — a sum of more than $20,000 for a standby generator at the South Mountain fire station. Armstrong, who also serves as North Dundas fire commissioner, relayed that the application to the sandwich maker was spearheaded by a local couple — Ed and Linda Honey — who had earlier donated animal oxygen masks to the North Dundas Fire Department. One of those masks, he reported, was used for the first time to help a cow recover from smoke inhalation at the scene of the Porteous family’s recent barn fire in Ormond.

Ed Honey is the retired chief of communications for the Ottawa Fire Department. Armstrong also lauded township staffer Jess Manley for her work on the Firehouse Subs application that resulted in the “unanticipated boon” for the local fire department.


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