‘All hell is going to break loose’ as Kin Club’s Catch the Ace lottery resumes next draw Nov. 22

RUSSELL — With an estimated, massive jackpot of over $90,000 for the Nov. 22 Catch the Ace lottery draw, Kin Club of Russell organizers expect sales the rest of this week to go through the roof. And if — and if — the Ace of Spades is not revealed, the $100,000 estimated jackpot for the following Nov. 29 draw will be crazier.

“We expect ticket sales to be phenomenal,” said Catch the Ace committee member Cindy Anthony. “We’ve been watching our sales, and hearing from everyone that coming up to the November 22nd draw will be crazy.”

Catch the Ace committee member, Bill “Godfather” McInnis predicts that if the Ace isn’t picked this week, “All hell is going to break loose.” McInnis brought the Catch the Ace idea to the Kin Club of Russell (thus “Godfather”) and predicts that sales will explode across the entire province once the news gets out about the size of the six-figure jackpot.

Thanks to online ticket purchases ($5 each ticket at www.kinclubofrussell.ca/catch-the-ace) Catch the Ace ticket sales have already set records for the Kin Club of Russell, according to organizers. Ticket sales both locally and across Ontario have been pouring in thanks to generous supporters.

With all proceeds going to great local charities: Breast Cancer Action, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Osgoode Senior Care Centre, Valoris Foundation, Russell Minor Hockey Association and Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation, online ticket buyers can actually choose the charity they want their portion of the ticket purchase (not winnings) to go to.

The upcoming draw takes place at 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 22, and paper ticket sales close at all retail locations at noon or earlier Sunday before the draw. Online ticket sales close at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 21st, 2020.

It’s the resumption of the Club’s Catch the Ace lottery, which had been suspended by the pandemic since March 22.

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