Hydrogen strategy touted as key to Ontario’s climate change and environment plan

The hydrogen-filled Hindenberg in the 1930s.

SDSG — In the face of the intensifying climate crisis, the Ontario government has responded with a Made-in-Ontario Environment plan that includes blending hydrogen into natural gas.

The plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 — to be accomplished by powering vehicles, industrial processes, homes, and businesses across the province with the hydrogen-natural gas blend.

The government released a discussion paper, which will inform the province’s hydrogen strategy, and invites the public to provide feedback for a sixty-day consultation period.

“Our government sees tremendous potential in this new energy source, which can act as an alternative low-carbon fuel to heat and power our homes, as well as in the transportation and industrial sectors,” said Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. “During these challenging times, it’s never been more important to encourage new industries to contribute to Ontario’s economic recovery, while addressing climate change through innovative new ways.”

“Ontario-made, low-carbon hydrogen presents a real opportunity for businesses, communities and families across Ontario and the country,” said Bill Walker, Associate Minister of Energy. “This discussion paper is an important opportunity to gain insights that will help position Ontario as a hydrogen leader.”

Following the sixty-day consultation period, the Ontario government is expected to release its hydrogen strategy in 2021. It will include job opportunities and strategies to ensure Ontario can compete in the global hydrogen market.

Read the discussion paper and provide feedback here.

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