Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign raises $9,578 for Winchester District Memorial Hospital

Smiling behind their masks are (l-r): Robert St. Denis (Owner), Angie Danis, and Justin Boyer.

WINCHESTER — Though the smiles may have been hidden this year, they were still there. Tim’s customers and WDMH supporters lined up for the annual Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign and together, they raised $9,578 for the WDMH Foundation’s Digital Mammography Fund. Two generous donors then matched the amount.

Tim Hortons owner Robert St. Denis says he was thrilled to hear that the donations will be doubled: “We are happy to support our local hospital to ensure it has the equipment needed to care for our local communities.”

“Thank you to Robert and Denise St. Denis – owners of the four Tim Hortons in Winchester, Long Sault and Morrisburg — and to the many community members who bought cookies,” adds Cindy Ault Peters, Manager of Direct Mail and Events. “We are honoured that WDMH was once again chosen as the beneficiary of this fall tradition.”

Approximately 5200 mammograms are done at WDMH each year. The current equipment is now over 10 years old. While it is still working well, it will need to be replaced within the next two years. Having regular mammograms can not only reassure patients if there is nothing wrong, but they can also provide early detection of breast cancer. Early detection may mean less treatment and a quicker recovery time.

Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund the purchase of medical equipment for Ontario hospitals. To help ensure that WDMH has the right tools to provide excellent health care for our patients, the Foundation works with donors who care about WDMH and who want to make an impact. Thank you!

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