Remembrance Day colouring contest winners awarded in Chesterville

Above (from left): Chesterville Rotarian Anita Schoch, JaeLyn Homer (age 6-7 colouring contest winner); Barbara Brewer (age 8-9 winner); Adelaid Bradley (age 10-12 winner); Luke Guy (age 4-5 winner); and Chesterville Rotarian Marion Henderson.

CHESTERVILLE — Pivoting with the pandemic, the Rotary Club of Chesterville hosted a new event this month — a Remembrance Day colouring contest. The activity garnered a whopping 84 entries submitted through the Chesterville Pharmacy.

Rotarians Anita Schoch and Marion Henderson took on the difficult task of deciding the winners. Each contestant put their colouring talents to work on the same Nov. 11th image distributed via Facebook and Nation Valley News.

Announced Saturday as the best in their respective age categories were Luke Guy (age 4-5); JaeLyn Homer (6-7); Barbara Brewer (8-9); and Adelaid Bradley.

The Club awarded each with a World War II 75th anniversary commemorative coin set from the Royal Canadian Mint — presented by Club President Christine Barkley.

President Barkley presents to Guy.


President Barkley presents to Homer.


President Chris Barkley presents to Brewer.


President Barkley presents to Bradley.

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