New exhibition explores rich agricultural and rural roots of Osgoode Township

VERNON — The Osgoode Township Museum has announced the opening date for a brand new permanent exhibition starting Dec. 16.

Entitled Rooting in Rural: Cultivating Connections, the exhibition explores the resilient spirit of the people living in Osgoode Township. Visitors can expect to discover how indigenous peoples and the first European settlers paved a path for our present community members, and how these residents are cultivating their connections with the past, present, and future.

Highlights include a seventeen-foot dugout canoe, a Boyd Bock machine, and items that once belonged to local legends like hockey star Larry Robinson and Orval Prophet. The exhibition also includes an interactive space for families, which is a produce stand made to look like the bed of a pickup truck. It pays homage to the hardworking families in the community with the goal of teaching kids where food comes from.

This space will be closely monitored and sanitized after each visit to ensure the safety and health of all visitors while allowing visitors to benefit from hands-on learning. Staff encourage the public to book their free visit in advance via their website.

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