Exam cancellations the right move, say North Dundas high schoolers

North Dundas District High School. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

EASTERN ONTARIO — A stressful 2020 is coming to an end, but at least local high schoolers don’t have the additional stress of exams to contend with this school year. The Upper Canada District School board announced back in October, with the onset of the second wave, that exams would be cancelled until further notice. Students told Nation Valley News how they were feeling about the absence of exams this year. 

“It’s a huge stress relief. It makes sense seeing how we have less class time and exam prep is usually a week and a half,” said Taryn Cooper, Grade 12.

However, while most students agree with the school board’s decision, not everyone is relieved by the cancellations. Some see exams as a vital part of both secondary education and preparing for post-secondary education.

“It is unfortunate that we can’t have them, because exams give students an opportunity to improve their grade, but I think it makes sense in this situation,” said Katie Wilson, Grade 10.

“I’m sure many people are happy about it; however, I would rather have the exams, because now our final grade only comes from our work done in class. Also, as a grade 12, it doesn’t prepare us very well for college and university, where there are more exams than in high school,” said NDDHS Minister of Communications, Jamie Wilson, Grade 12.

There’s no telling what the future has in store for students in Eastern Ontario. Hopefully, they can overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic, especially the Grade 12’s preparing for life after high school.

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