Multi-million-dollar meeting: North Dundas Council ponders water link to Morrisburg as Winchester growth to put dent in supply; proposed road paving strategy as tar-and-chip wears out

WINCHESTER — Millions of dollars’ worth of needed road and water system upgrades (the latter a result of growth and housing developments in Winchester) were front and centre at the North Dundas Council meeting last night.

Council has taken early steps to potentially establish another well near Maple Ridge and has started negotiations with South Dundas about piping in water from Morrisburg, under a two-pronged approach to a looming supply shortfall based on growth trends in Winchester.

Council also pondered hefty road expenditures on an ongoing basis over the next number of years to convert its fleet of rural tar and chip roads to full asphalt; once embraced as the solution to gravel in North Dundas, tar and chip roads (also known as double surface treatment) have proven too short-lived.

Watch the broadcast, above.


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