Terrace Green B&B ‘moved mountains’ to be pandemic-ready in 2020

Natascha Wood
Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — It’s been a long year for small businesses across the country. People have had to face incredible difficulties and undergo drastic change just to reach the end of 2020. However, one thing is for certain, Ontarians have risen to the challenge — including local entrepreneurs like Annette and Jim Angus, owners and proprietors of The Terrace Green Bed & Breakfast in Winchester.

This year, they have moved mountains to make their business pandemic-ready by outfitting Terrace Green, a picturesque farmhouse, with the latest COVID-19 killing equipment.

“It has been a challenge adapting to running a B&B during COVID-19, but I have taken steps to ensure both my guests’ and our own safety. I am only renting three of the five rooms to give each room its own bathroom, and it is a challenge juggling which rooms will be made available,” Annette said.

Germicidal UVC lights now operate constantly to purify the property’s water supply and air circulating inside. To add an extra layer of protection, an additional UVC light runs for sixty minutes in each guest room and bathroom before a thorough cleaning and sanitization. All bedding is washed and steamed between uses, including pillowcases, blankets, bedspreads, and towels.

Guests can expect to wear their masks at all times in public areas of the B&B, but they can be removed for a delicious country breakfast and in assigned guest rooms. All food from the seven-item menu is prepared by Annette, who will always wear a mask and gloves. There’s even an oximeter to measure guests’ oxygen saturation. You can rest assured if there’s a safety measure to be taken, Annette and Jim have probably done it, and this year’s guests have certainly been impressed, leaving glowing reviews on booking.com, TripAdvisor and Expedia.

But this isn’t the first time Annette and Jim have had to overcome obstacles. After purchasing the Terrace Green property in 2004, upon which stood an original Edwardian farmhouse, they lost most of the original structure to a devastating fire just one year later. In its place, the couple rebuilt the farmhouse in accordance with the house’s original layout, with a few extra modern luxuries like additional space, wider doorways, spa showers, and a geothermal energy system. The end result was a new Terrace Green B&B, risen from the ashes. Such a feat only goes to show Annette and Jim’s perseverance, both then and now.

To book your stay with Annette, Jim, and Fred the Dog, visit their website, or call 613-774-2189.

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