Last day for Morrisburg compost site, Dec. 31

The Morrisburg compost site. Image is ©Google.

MORRISBURG — Today’s the last day for Morrisburgers to bring their compost and yard waste to this South Dundas village’s free compost site off Prospect Rd.

After today (Dec. 31), disposal of that material becomes less convenient for residents. The Matilda Landfill will accept it free during regular operating hours. Organic waste may be brought to the Iroquois compost site as well — once it reopens in the spring.

South Dundas has opted to close the Morrisburg site entirely. The municipality says it is “working to find the best compost solutions for our residents in 2021.”

Illegal dumping tends to be a perennial problem at unstaffed compost sites. South Dundas’s notice of closure for the Morrisburg site advises residents to report such activity at 613-543-2673.


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