‘Sheila Dundela’, ‘Avonmore Ace’: Help SDG name its snowplow trucks!

SDG — For too long, the snowplows of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry have trundled along through the bitter cold each winter, unnamed and unloved — if not unappreciated.

With the aim of adding some fun, colour and warmth to the fleet, the United Counties of SDG seeks to redress the sorry situation. The upper-tier municipal government is looking for the public’s assistance in finally giving names to its snow plow trucks!

Starting today, residents and other interested parties can help name each of the 16 plows.  

Residents are encouraged to take part in a short online survey that asks for some options to be chosen, as well as an opportunity to submit their own name. The survey will remain live until Jan. 22. After that, the results will be tabulated, followed by the unveiling of the new plow monikers. 

“This is a great way to add some fun in the dead of winter,” said Transportation and Planning Services  Director Benjamin de Haan. “We’re hoping people enjoy this activity and help us to add some  distinctiveness to our fleet.” 

Some of the more colourful suggested options include: County Cleaver; Bainsville Brawler; Morewood Less Snow; Sheila Dundela; The Barber of Hanesville; Eat Meat? Dun-Vegan; Avonmore Ace; and Guardian O’Glengarry. 


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