Hillier warns vaccine supplies running low

Natasha Wood
Nation Valley News

ONTARIO — General Rick Hillier, head of Ontario’s vaccine distribution task force, has warned the province will soon run out of the Pfizer vaccine. He echoes concerns voiced by Premier Doug Ford that many hospitals will be out of their supply by the weekend at the latest. This comes as Ontario has restarted vaccinations following a controversial pause over the holidays, bringing the total doses administered to 60,380 as of mid-week.

While concern and criticism have been expressed by Prime minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca about the speed of the vaccinations, General Hillier says it’s not a case of logistics but of supply. Hillier reports that 10,000 doses were given on Monday alone at the 19 vaccination sites across the province, and that there would be more sites opening in the coming weeks provided there are enough vaccines to go round.

“There’s no sense in ramping up if we don’t have vaccines to go to the sites and put in people’s arms,” Hillier said Tuesday on CTV Morning.

Though 1.2 million more doses of the Pfizer vaccine are expected to arrive in Canada this month, neither Hillier nor the prime minister knows exactly when that will be. Premier Ford has expressed hope they will arrive before the administering hospitals run out.

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