‘We have done this before, we can do it again’

by Jamie Wilson
NDDHS Minister of Communications

Happy New Year to all at North Dundas and in our community! We hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday and were able to spend time Skyping and Facetiming with family and friends.  Although we are not back in the classroom, we are back to work in our courses as of Monday, January 4.

North Dundas students, please remember to log on each day to work online with your teachers, ask for assistance as needed, and put our best efforts forward to achieve our academic goals. If you need any academic or personal support, reach out to school administration, guidance, your teachers, and your parents; they are all there to guide and assist you in any way they can.

Virtual learning can be difficult but there is an excellent support network of students and staff at North Dundas who believe in you and are willing to help you through the next couple of weeks. We have done this before; we can do it again. Let’s ring in the new year with positivity and determination to do our best, be kind to ourselves, and support each other.

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