South Glengarry veteran John Bathurst wins new roof

DALHOUSIE MILLS — Veteran John Bathurst’s ancestral home has been in his family for seven generations and 190 years. It has seen many harsh Canadian winters, and over time, the structure has fallen into disrepair. 

When John inherited the property in 2012, there was already an overwhelming amount of work to be done, but a tight budget has restricted his ability to make significant repairs. Now, the walls and roof are warped, the shingling is curling, the Victorian trim is decaying, and the paint is peeling. 

That’s where the Canadian Veteran’s organization Beacon of Hope comes in. Their annual contest promises to provide a new roof free of charge to the veteran who receives the most votes. Yesterday, Bathurst received the call that he had received the most votes and that he is the Beacon of Hope’s grand prize winner for 2020.

“I am ecstatic and humbled with gratitude to all those who favoured me with votes. This is an overwhelming experience. Thank you for taking the time in helping me in getting closer to my goals in the restoration of my Ancestral Family Homestead. My heart is full of joy. Thank you kindly on behalf of my ancestors,” he said. 

For Bathurst, this will extend the life of his family’s home and perhaps mark the beginning of its resurrection. 

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