Watch: DCP laughs at hurdles overcome in 2020 with video homage to ‘Hamilton’ tune

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WINCHESTER — ‘Our name is Dundas County Players, man!’

So declares a celebratory, fun music video released  by members of the Dundas County Players Theatrical Society (DCP) as the organization marked its annual general meeting a week ago. Taking off on a popular number from the Broadway musical Hamilton, the localized version of the rap-infused tune recounts the Society’s triumph over pandemic challenges in 2020 by successfully producing an outdoor show that played to live audiences.

During four dates at Cannamore Orchards in October, The Black Albatross and the Treasure of Puffin McGuffin more than met expectations. It was a major accomplishment for the local troupe to pull off even one major play during a year when it looked as though there might be none. COVID-19 rules precluded the use of Winchester’s Old Town Hall, home base for the Society. Normally, the group would stage a minimum of two big productions in a calendar year plus many smaller productions and programs to supplement the season.

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