Glengarry Highland Games kiboshed again; now planned for 2022

Members of the Windsor Police Pipe Band stride onto the Glengarry Games competition field, during the afternoon massed pipe bands demonstration, precursor to that evening's championship. The 69th annual Games wrapped up July 30, 2016.

MAXVILLE — While organizers were optimistic for the return of the Glengarry Highland Games in 2021, ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic has called off the historic Celtic event for a second year running.

“I never thought we would have to make this decision two years in a row, but we do not have a choice. After much discussion, all are in agreement that this year’s 2021 Games are not going to happen,” Games President Eric Metcalfe says in a Feb. 1 press release on the organizers’ website.

“As everyone knows, vaccinations will still be rolling out over the summer and most likely mass immunity will not be reached that would allow for large groups to gather in August. Again this year, the Games is most disheartened to not be hosting one of the premier Highland Games in North America,” the website states.

However, organizers continue to develop ideas on “how the spirit of the Games can be celebrated this summer in some fashion.”

“While we will not be seeing you in 2021, with optimism, we look to the future. As soon as we can we will be busy planning your return to our fairgrounds and excitedly look forward to hosting a reunion like only Glengarry can!” declares Metcalfe.

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