‘Old Man’ from Kelowna nearing Ottawa on charitable march inspired by government inaction

ONTARIO — When Warren Michael Parke was working on a First Nations Reserve in 2018, he found that it was without clean water. He recounts having to buy bottled water just to brush his teeth.

Shortly after Parke’s stay on the Reserve, Prime minister Justin Trudeau held a townhall meeting where he explained why his government had chosen to fight veterans groups in court. Trudeau’s comment that veterans wanted more than the government could give was what turned Parke to action.

Parke — also known as The Old Man — decided to walk all the way from British Columbia to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, all while carrying a large veterans’ cross. He started out in mid-December in Kelowna, and now he’s finally in Ontario, raising awareness and funds for issues he believes have been ignored by the government. His focus is primarily on problems facing veterans and indigenous communities, but he has also chosen to support other worthy causes like autism awareness, mental health, and cancer.

Once Parke reaches Ottawa, he intends to divide the money raised on GoFundMe between charities for each cause.

Donate to the GoFundMe here.

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