EOHU headed to Orange-Restrict on Feb. 16

EASTERN ONTARIO — Dr Paul Roumeliotis delivered the latest updates about the local COVID-19 situation in his February 11th media briefing, predicting that Eastern Ontario will likely go into Orange-Restrict zone on February 16th. The stay-at-home order will be lifted at that time as well.

“Tomorrow, the ministry will make an announcement as to the health units that will progress into the framework,” the Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health said. “Moving forward, it’s important to know that we are still under lockdown, we still have the stay-at-home order until next week, and tomorrow we’ll know where we fall. Based on my discussions with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and looking at our trends, my prediction is that we’ll be in the Orange Zone.”

The prediction is a reflection of current numbers, which continue to decrease daily. Since yesterday, the region has seen an increase of only three COVID-19 cases. One was in Prescott-Russell, one was in SD&G, and one was in Cornwall.

There are ten continuing outbreaks in congregate living situations — Tsiionkwanonhso:te Long Term Care Home, Lancaster Long Term Care, Woodland Villa, Glen Stor Dun Lodge, Riverview Manor, Pinecrest Nursing Home, Valoris-211 Russell Road, Manoir Carillion, Centre d’Acceuil Roger Segin, and the JMP1 1600 Pod in Cornwall Community Hospital. Outbreaks in Rideau Place and Iakhihsohtha Lodge were declared officially over yesterday (February 10th), and there have been no new outbreaks reported in 15 days.

Roumeliotis anticipates that the outbreak in Lancaster Long Term Care, where there are no active cases and no new cases, may soon be declared over. Tsiionkwanonhso:te Long Term Care Home may also follow, as there is only one active case of COVID-19 remaining there. There have, however, been new cases of COVID-19 in the Woodland Villa long-term care home, which has been in the midst of an outbreak since December 27th. There are currently four active cases amongst staff members, and 17 active cases amongst residents.

The doctor reported that all long-term care home residents in Eastern Ontario have received their first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, the EOHU is expecting a delivery of 3,000 doses of vaccine next week, and 4,000 doses the following week.

He also voiced his support for the province’s postponement of March break until April 12-16. Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced the measure today.

The next media briefing by Dr Paul Roumeliotis will be on Tuesday, February 16th.

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