A dozen new cases in the region; EOHU takes delivery of more vaccine

Natascha Wood
Nation Valley News

EASTERN ONTARIO — As cases continue to drop across the world, the same seems to be true for Eastern Ontario, according to statistics provided by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Medical Officer Dr Paul Roumeliotis confirmed that there have been only 12 new cases added over the past four days. Eight were in Prescott-Russell, two in SD&G and two in Cornwall.

With cases decreasing, patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are also getting fewer. There are now only three patients in hospital as a result of the virus, and no one in the ICU. Crucially, Eastern Ontario still has not recorded any cases of the three COVID-19 variants.

There are, however, eight outbreaks ongoing in congregate living settings across Eastern Ontario — Woodland Villa, Riverview Manor, Manoir Carillion, The Palace Long Term Care, Maxville Manor, Iakhihsohtha Lodge, Chartwell McConnell, and Glen Stor Dun Lodge. Deaths have reached a total of six at Woodland Villa in Long Sault.

The outbreak in Glen Stor Dun Lodge was reported on the 18th, four days after their previous outbreak of COVID-19 was declared over. However, the newest “outbreak” at that nursing home involves only one staff member (as only one is required to hit outbreak status in a LTC facility).

Additionally, there was an outbreak reported at Glengarry District High School on Friday, February 19th, though the school remains open.

Over the weekend, 22 congregate living facilities received visits from EMS and healthcare workers equipped with first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Though the supply of vaccines remains steady, Roumeliotis says the EOHU has requested additional shipments of the Moderna vaccine for its flexibility in terms of storage conditions. Roumeliotis expects to begin vaccinations for those over the age of 80 in the region — outside of nursing and retirement homes — in the next 7 to 10 days.

This week’s vaccine supply has come in, he said, “and we’re expecting another delivery next week.”

He also told Nation Valley News that six clinics have been set up to allow long-term-care workers to catch up on their vaccinations, now that the effort targeting LTC residents has concluded. Some LTC staff received one shot, until the supply vaccine tightened up last month, compelling the EOHU to focus on residents exclusively.

Dr. Roumeliotis also revealed that doses have not been wasted as the vaccination campaign has rolled out so far. While there have been instances where a few shots might have been left over as a vaccination run concluded at a nursing home, those extra doses are always used up at the site, according to the doctor.  “We use every last drop,” he wrote by email, adding that in in those circumstances, “Yes, we give it to [LTC] staff or our EMS or our [EOHU] staff.”

Below,  the pandemic daily case curve in Canada (top), the U.S. (middle) and the world — as of Feb. 22, 2021. Data is shown by Google search and attributed to the sources shown under each graph.


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