Learn how to start vegetable plants indoors through ‘Family Earth’

SOUTH STORMONT — Family Earth’s innovative new program, Growing Families, will walk 100 families through the process of starting a garden indoors to plant outside this spring. All members of the family will learn from expert gardeners how to grow vegetables and wildflowers organically. In addition to four “get your hands dirty” online workshops, those registered will receive all the equipment, soil, and seeds they need to start plants indoors. Registration is now open for workshops beginning March 14th, 2021.

Overwhelmed starting her first garden while locked down with children, Rochelle Johnston, Family Earth’s founder, conceived of Growing Families. “I knew gardening could teach my kids life and academic skills while helping us recover from the stress of covid. But the effort of assembling all the materials and learning how to garden on top of it was too much. I figured we could make it easier for families starting out on their gardening journey.”

Jennifer Pershick’s family was one of the first to register for Growing Families: “This program is going to give us the opportunity to teach our children a little about nature and a lot about nurture. What an amazing way to spend time together as a family.”

Growing Families uses technology to bring an expert gardener into people’s home to be with them while they plant, water and troubleshoot starting seeds. In addition to covering a range of gardening topics family members will draw seedlings, learn songs about tomatoes, learn about how our eating habits contribute to the climate crisis, build their STEM skills, and practice mindfulness. Other partners contributing to Growing Families include: Plant, Pick & Prune, Eco East/Ést, Ritchies Feed and Seed, and For Our Kids.

Register at www.familyearth.earth/growingfamilies. Spaces are limited. Prices are $136 for Family Workshop Package + Everything You Need To Start Seeds Indoors, and $86 for Family Workshop Package + Seeds and Soil (if you already have lights and pots).

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