Longue Sault Public School case was diagnosed without a positive test, medical officer confirms

LONG SAULT — The single case of COVID-19 that turned up at Longue Sault Public School last week was diagnosed without a positive test being rendered, Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis has revealed.

It’s noteworthy as the first time ever, during this pandemic, that the Eastern Ontario Health Unit has officially counted someone as having the virus without a test, the doctor confirmed during his March 11 media briefing.

“It’s another type of diagnosis [that was made] but we’re confident that it’s a highly likely case, and I can’t get into details because then I will disclose personal information.”

There have been no other cases recorded in the EOHU without a corresponding positive test, he confirmed, when asked by NVN. “That’s the only one.”

Nonetheless, the doctor said he believed a classroom of LSPS pupils had to stay at home for the requisite two-week isolation period as a result of this case. Family members of those contacts would also fall under ramped-up quarantine requirements put in place a few weeks ago amid fear over the rise of variants of concern. However, the doctor described the restriction placed on those household members as a “quasi-quarantine” that still allows them to go to work and carry out essential duties.

“It’s really to not make them go anywhere else besides essential [places],” he said.

Below, the doctor addresses the subject starting at 28:15 and again at 33:50.

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