EORN awards Cell Gap Project to Rogers

CORNWALL — Rural Ontario can finally expect improvements in cellular service, with major upgrades and installations beginning this spring. This comes after the Ontario government announced last week that the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) has awarded the Cell Gap Project RFP to Rogers Communications.

The Cell Gap Project will improve cellular service for residents and businesses across the region by expanding cellular data coverage and capacity to better support the use of smartphone applications for video streaming and file transmission.

“I’m pleased to learn of this new partnership between EORN and Rogers Communications and proud that our government’s $71 million investment will truly make a difference in people’s lives,” said MPP Jim McDonell said. “Improved cellular service will make our community stronger, healthier, and safer. Finally, the dream of having reliable cellular service can now become a reality.”

Rogers Communications was awarded the project through a bidding process led by the EORN that called upon skilled and experienced telecommunication service providers to submit cost-effective proposals With a $71 million investment from the Government of Ontario and additional investments from other levels of government and Rogers Communications, the Cell Gap Project is now worth more than $300 million

“Eastern Ontario has waited long enough for reliable connectivity. That’s why this announcement of the partnership between EORN and Rogers Communications brings hope and optimism for residents,” said Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure. “This partnership is one more step towards delivering better connectivity for families and individuals and is an example of the decisive action we’re taking to connect more people.”

Rogers, in partnership with EORN, intends to build 300 new telecommunications sites and upgrade 300 existing sites. EORN anticipates that the Cell Gap Project will be completed in 2025.

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