The Farmers Almanac anticipates above normal temperatures and storms this summer

Natascha Wood
Nation Valley News

ONTARIO — The Farmers Almanac released their forecast for the 2021 summer season yesterday, predicting sizzling temperatures and an above-average frequency of thunderstorms in Ontario, with the heat peaking in August. They recommend preparing your box fans, air conditioners, and summer clothes, and making sure they’re up to the job. While there will be plenty of days for ice cream and enjoying the summer heat, the Almanac says there may be some pretty “severe” storms on the horizon, so be ready to batten down the hatches, especially around June and July.

April is expected to be rainy as the temperatures increase gradually, while May is supposed to clear up to blue skies. Increased humidity and leftover rain from storms may also mean a lot of mosquitos. To prevent mosquitos from laying eggs, experts recommend removing objects that can accumulate still water, like old tires, buckets, plastic sheeting, or wheelbarrows.

Installing a bat house on your property is also a great way to cut down on the mosquito population, while giving our nocturnal friends a much-needed place to live and plenty of mosquitos to eat.

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