Amid 10,000 cancelled vaccinations, Warden Prevost of SD&G calls on provincial and federal leaders for help in Eastern Ontario

Natascha Wood
Nation Valley News

SD&G — Warden Prevost of the United Counties of SD&G delivered a press conference today to address the state of Eastern Ontario as it grapples with the third wave. He voiced his concerns about the lack of vaccine supply for the 170,000 eligible residents in Eastern Ontario, the inconsistent messaging coming from the provincial government, and the dire situation faced by small businesses across the region.

“Just today, we learned that 10,000 vaccination appointments were cancelled in this province due to lack of vaccine supply. This situation is unacceptable to our residents, and we are here today to call upon the senior levels of government in Ottawa and Toronto, as well as our local MP and MPP’s, to turn heartfelt words into concrete actions.” Prevost said.

Prevost asks that rural Ontario’s voice is heard, stating that residents in SD&G are just as vulnerable to COVID-19 and businesses are suffering just as much, if not worse, than those in other jurisdictions. He spoke of the plight businesses are facing, that many of them are falling through the cracks, which is only made worse by vague and unclear messaging coming from the provincial and federal government.

“We keep hearing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but this seems like an awfully long tunnel,” Prevost said. “In one breath, we are told vaccines are coming, but at the same time, some vaccine clinics are being cancelled due to the lack of supply.”

Additionally, Prevost said he believes that Eastern Ontario should be designated a hot spot, given the daily increase of COVID-19 cases and the overburdening of hospitals in the region. Eastern Ontario would then be allocated more vaccines. In the meantime, however, Prevost supports the idea of a curfew to curb gatherings and would give it the go-ahead if the EOHU recommends the measure.

He concluded the press conference by asking that other rural leaders and mayors publically call upon the provincial and federal government for a clear plan, for easier access to grants for small businesses, for more vaccines, and for a review of the restrictions concerning businesses.

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