OPP pulling back 24/7 police presence at interprovincial crossings between Ontario and Quebec

OTTAWA — Following discussions with Ottawa Public Health, the City of Ottawa, and the City of Gatineau, the Ontario Provincial police rolled back their 24/7 monitoring of interprovincial crossings between Ontario and Quebec, effective this evening at 8:00 PM. This action was taken to ensure the health and safety of all, to minimize delays and/or hazards for travellers, and to ensure essential workers can get to their places of employment on time.

Instead, the OPP plans to deploy officers on a rotating schedule of checkpoints moving throughout all City of Ottawa interprovincial crossings on a daily basis, until the expiry of the Provincial Order. Circumstances for which a person can travel into Ontario from Quebec, per the Ontario government directives, include:

  • the person’s principal residence is in Ontario
  • the person is travelling to perform work in Ontario
  • the person is transporting goods into or through Ontario as part of the operation of a business that involves the transportation of goods
  • the person is travelling into Ontario for the purpose of exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right
    the person’s health makes it necessary to travel into Ontario to obtain health care or social services
  • the travel is necessary for a humanitarian or compassionate reason

Beyond a license to operate a motor vehicle, there are no requirements for travellers to provide documentation to officers such as a note from an employer or physician. Individuals will, however, be required to provide their name, address, and reason for travelling.

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