Register your Barn Quilt for Osgoode Township Museum’s Barn Quilt Trail Project; submissions open on May 1st

VERNON — The Osgoode Township Museum has recently announced that the Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail Project will return for a second year, starting on May 1st. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, they have, like many other museums across Ontario, been looking at ways to engage community members and bring visitors to our community while maintaining physical distancing. That’s why they are inviting families, farm owners and agricultural businesses to create a barn quilt as a way to celebrate Ontario’s rural heritage. This project, which is open to submissions from May 1st to September 30th, 2021, is a combination of a tourism attraction, a business marketing tool, and a showcase of rural Ontario’s unique community history. As a permanent part of the landscape, it will build community and provide the perfect opportunity to expand cultural tourism in the Osgoode Ward.

What is a Barn Quilt, you ask? It’s a piece of wood (normally 8’x8’) that’s been painted to look like a quilt square. Some barn quilts replicate traditional quilt block patterns, while others are unique designs featuring a favourite dog, type of livestock or a farm logo. Barn quilts tell stories about individual farms, historical events or communities while also adding visual interest to the countryside and increasing rural tourism. They can be fixed to the outside of a Barn, or a house!

To register a Barn Quilt project, your submission has to:

  • Be within the Osgoode Ward;
  • Be clearly visible to the public;
  • Make use of colours in a creative way;
  • Be at least 8’x8’ (required dimensions from Ontario Barn Quilt Trail is 8′ x ‘8 and up);
  • Be weatherproof and permanent;

If you don’t have a barn, you can submit a Quilt that is s inside or outside your house. The rules are: It must be clearly visible to the public, it must make use of colours in a creative way, and it must be 4’x4′, but it does not have to be a permanent display.

To register your project, go to the Osgoode Township Museum’s website.


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