Police check at inter-provincial crossing in Hawkesbury catches driver with sawn-off shotgun

HAWKESBURY — Officers from the Hawkesbury detachment of the OPP have been taking part in the rotating checks at interprovincial crossings over the past few weeks, in an attempt to curb non-essential travel between Ontario and Quebec. While officers were stationed at the checkpoint in East Hawkesbury on May 3rd, around 2:30 PM, a driver was stopped at the request of the police. A Drug Recognition Expert from the OPP was brought in soon after, who determined that the driver was under the influence of drugs. Most notably, during a search of the car, officers allegedly found a sawn-off shotgun and ammunition.

The driver was subsequently arrested and charged with:

  • Operation while impaired – alcohol and drugs
  • Transport firearm, in a careless manner
  • Breach of firearms regulation- transport firearm
  • Unauthorized possession of firearm
  • Knowledge of unauthorized possession of weapon
  • Occupant of motor vehicle knowing there was a firearm
  • Possession of firearm or ammunition contrary to Prohibition Order
  • Failure to comply with release order
  • Possession of a firearm knowing serial number had been tampered with
  • Driving under licence of other jurisdiction while suspended in Ontario
  • Drive vehicle with cannabis readily available – Cannabis Control Ac
  • Driving a motor vehicle with liquor readily available

The accused has yet to receive a court date.

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