MP Eric Duncan hammers Trudeau gov’t for not extending tax deadline amidst CRA backlog

OTTAWA — If you’ve recently found yourself waiting for hours to get a hold of the CRA, then you are not alone. Canada Revenue Agency is experiencing an estimated two to three times more calls than usual from people trying to file their taxes across the county, resulting in longer wait times. As a result, MP Eric Duncan says his own office has also been inundated with calls from constituents of SD&G who have endured four-hour waits before being hung up on.

In question period on Wednesday, MP Eric Duncan delivered an Adjournment Proceeding speech criticizing the Trudeau government for not extending the April 30th tax deadline. Duncan, like many of his conservative colleagues, theorized that an extension would have alleviated the CRA backlog and taken the pressure off of Canadians who were struggling to file taxes during a pandemic.

“Why does it take two years for the government to do a budget, but it can’t give Canadians an extra two months to get their taxes done?” Duncan asked of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue, Francesco Sorbara.

In response, Sorbara defended the Liberal government’s decision not to extend the deadline, as it did in 2020, by pointing out the financial relief provided for people having difficulty filing or paying additional fees. Sorbara also mentioned that the Revenue Agency extended its hours of operation, increased its workforce, and enlisted a third-party service provider to answer calls. However, Sorbara did not address other issues raised by Duncan, such as access to the internet for tax filing.

“Common sense needed to prevail here…and it didn’t. Unfortunately, there is no plan to relieve some of the pressure- and it’s only going to get worse come July.” Duncan wrote in a Facebook post.

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