Chesterville neighborhood raises a flag for Canada Day and WDMH

CHESTERVILLE — Chesterville resident and hairdresser Karen Parker had a great idea for Canada Day. She wanted to decorate her neighbourhood with Canada Day flags while supporting local health care at the same time. So she talked to local flag suppliers and rallied her neighbours in the Thompson subdivision. $440 was raised and 43 flags will be waving on July 1st!

“With the shut down due to COVID-19, I needed something to keep me busy,” Karen explains. “I live in such an amazing subdivision surrounded by awesome neighbours and amazing friends. I thought would it be nice if we all hung Canada Day flags on our homes for Canada Day – while benefiting WDMH.”

“We love this idea!” says Cindy Ault Peters, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the WDMH Foundation. “Thank you to Lannin’s Lumber in Winchester and all the families of the Thompson subdivision for purchasing flags. The gift will be directed to the Foundation’s General Equipment Fund.”

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