Gone in 40 minutes: EOHU switches to day-to-day list system for “standby” vaccinations

EASTERN ONTARIO — The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has shifted gears in the way people are made aware of vaccine available on short notice. Those interested in being “on standby” for the jab within 40 minutes are now invited to submit their email address, on select days, after the EOHU issues a call on its social media channels.

The previous one-time registration tool closed June 11 “in response to the rapidly evolving operation” at the EOHU’s vaccination clinics. Individuals who registered using the previous system will not be contacted to receive extra doses.

Individuals aged 12 or older who are currently eligible to receive their first or second dose and who can get to the clinic location within 40 minutes of receiving a call are invited to submit their information by email on select days to be on the standby list in the event extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are left over at that given clinic day.

The first to submit will be the first called. Individuals who are not called on that given clinic day will need to resubmit their information the next time. To know which days individuals can submit their information to be on the standby list, please follow the EOHU on social media.

Why the standby list is Used

COVID-19 vaccination clinics throughout the EOHU region are “operating efficiently and ethically to ensure that vaccine wastage is minimized,” according to the EOHU. “All vaccine doses at each site are planned for and allocated. Should doses remain at the end of a clinic due to missed or cancelled appointments, individuals on the standby list for that clinic day could be called in to receive the extra doses to avoid vaccine wastage at local clinics.”


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