WDMH Foundation says ready, set, grow! Dare to Flash a ‘Stache is back!

WINCHESTER — Are you ready for ‘Dare to Flash a ‘Stache’ 2021?  The Black Walnut Prostate Cancer Support Group, supported by the Prostate Cancer Network Ottawa, is proud to be leading this important local fundraiser again this year. Beginning November 1st, participants will grow moustaches or beards until the end of the month while raising funds and having some fun. Proceeds will be shared equally between the WDMH Foundation and The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

Fittingly, the official kick-off will be held on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20th, during Men’s Health Month. Everyone is encouraged to sign up a team and challenge others—family, neighbours, colleagues, similar businesses, or service clubs. Let’s get competitive!

“We dare you men, to grow beards or shave them off, and to solicit friends and others to support you,” explained organizers Tom Clapp and Doug Nugent in their donor letter. “Ladies, don’t feel left out. Decorate a stick moustache and wear it with pride. Make a team, challenge others, help us to help you!”

“We are proud and honoured to be part of the ‘Stache team,” says Cindy Ault Peters, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the WDMH Foundation. “The Foundation will use funds raised to support the Cancer Care Coach Program, helping individuals diagnosed with or affected by cancer, as they navigate their cancer journey.”

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 9 men. It is the leading form of cancer in Canadian men. When diagnosed early, there is a 93% survival rate. The Black Walnut Group provides support and fellowship to those who have been touched by prostate cancer in eastern Ontario. For details, visit the Black Walnut Group’s Facebook page.

Visit the website to register yourself or your team and start fundraising.

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