‘This is becoming the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” says Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health

EASTERN ONTARIO — The COVID-19 pandemic is now a phenomenon of the unvaccinated, says the Eastern Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health.

“The pandemic is becoming the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” declared Dr. Paul Roumeliotis in his July 26th media briefing.

Roumeliotis drew upon statistics from a very recent Public Health Ontario report showing that 0.4 percent of COVID-19 cases between Dec. 20 last year and July 10, 2021, involved fully vaccinated individuals. “In other words, 99.6 percent of all of the COVID cases in Ontario (since then) were in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals,” added the doctor. (He did not, however, make note of the fact that relatively few Ontarians were only fully vaccinated until this summer — or had even one shot until the spring.)

Partially vaccinated individuals — with one dose — made up only four percent of cases recorded in Ontario since Dec. 20, he said. This means, he added, that over 90 percent of cases occurred in completely unvaccinated individuals without at least one jab.

Further illustrating his point, a recent cluster 10 cases within the Eastern Ontario Health Unit — which has enjoyed only sporadic small numbers for the last number of weeks — involved solely unvaccinated individuals. That group of 10 involved a business setting and a family and travel outside the region, he said. (It does not involve the individuals evacuated from northern Ontario wildfires and currently staying at Cornwall’s NAV Centre, he emphasized.)

Roumeliotis said the provincial statistics demonstrate the need for a continued increase in vaccination numbers — even as Eastern Ontario has seen a healthy uptake with 62 percent of eligible residents now fully vaccinated with two doses.




Sporadic casess

10 cases over the last week, two separate cases, all of which were not vaccinated and came into the region from other regions, and it just shows the importance of vaccinations. A cluster in a family and an outbreak in a family.




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